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john oteri 
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 John Oteri
PGA Teaching Professional

About John:
Life Member of the PGA
Prior Head Professional at Thorny Lea Golf Club


 Our Teaching Philosophy

  1. Your golf swing is an art form, not a science.  If you focus on the basic fundamentals (grip, stance, posture), your swing will become more efficient.
  2. Each player is unique, and your lesson should be tailored to you.  With proper guidance and practice drills, we can show you how to enhance your swing in a manner that works for your style.
  3. Most of your swings are used within 100 yards of the green.  Unless you are efficient around the greens, you will not score well.  We emphasize the short game in your lessons.

2017 Pricing

Individual Instruction
Group Instruction
One Hour Lesson
Junior Instruction
One Hour Lesson 
Get Golf Ready
Five 90 Minute Sessions

1 Hour Lesson $75

2 Adults  $45pp

Individual  $45

2-3 People  $150pp

3 One Hour Lessons  $210.00

3 Adults  $30pp

2-3 Juniors  $25pp   4-6 People  $125pp

5 One Hour Lessons $335.00

4-6 Adults  $25pp

4-6 Juniors  $20pp  

You may book your lesson with John directly:  508-317-4324 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Poquoy Brook has a twenty four hour cancellation policy for golf lessons.

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